Breaking News: Growing Tensions Between Greece and Sweden

The Plain Delegate has just been informed that the country of Greece is sending special forces into Sweden. Greece has also cut off all diplomatic ties with Europe. At this time, Greece’s intentions are unclear. We reached out for a comment from Secretary General, Aofie McGowan, who stated, “The Secretary General is responsible for pushing forward the UN charter of peace and development in all nations. Such nations cannot condone deployment of troops and also warhawk-like action in this time of crisis and we hope that Greece and Sweden can resolve their dispute diplomatically.” The delegation of Sweden condemns Greece's acts.

The Plain Delegate reached out to the delegation of Greece for a comment on such accusations. Greece asserts that, "Sweden hacked our financial system with the the purpose of taking UN aid." The delegation of Greece also states that they,"strongly condemn Sweden's actions and accusations." There will be more on this story as it develops.

UPDATE: Greece has expressed will to open negotiations with Sweden, but Sweden has been reported to be unresponsive.

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