A Crisis Erupts in the General Assembly

A crisis has fallen upon the CLEIMUN19 General Assembly. Delegates are scrambling to collaborate in order to mitigate the effects of the solar flare which is expected to hit the earth in just four short days. Syria is working diligently with the nations of Israel and Russia to centralize nuclear weapons to shoot the flare, stating that “nuclear power could end up saving us.” France, a country who will be adversely affected by this flare is focusing on immigration and moving its citizens to a safer location. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is calling for one international power and agrees with the delegations from Syria, Israel, and Russia to send nuclear powers towards the sun. The United States, whose east coast will be devastated by this disaster, is working on sending triage to other nations and are hoping to form a coalition to mobilize federal military personnel. “As the crisis has begun several unexpected nations have begun to take a greater role in solving this crisis. As a nation in the Western hemisphere we have become more affected- there have been several attempts at power grabs by European Nations.” Aofie McGowan, General Secretary states of this unexpected event. The UN Director is calling for increased funding to begin to solve this catastrophic issue. The CLEIMUN19 Press Team will continue to update our readers as this crisis develops.

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