A Perspective from Mr. Perrins

Mr. Michael Perrins certainly knows workings CLEIMUN, apparent from his constant oversight of the conferences for the past four years. He has expressed he is particularly proud of CLEIMUN ‘19, as the pre-preparation of both the delegates and those working behind the scenes has been a positive force on the workings of the conference. “Definitely all of the organization and how it is run minute by minute has been smoother and more professional, in terms of logistics.” Mr. Perrins also reflected on the overall vibe, saying it has been “very positive- there is quite a professional yet enjoyable approach.” There are plans to continue this progress into CLEIMUN ‘20, and as it also lies under the jurisdiction of Mr. Perrins, the growth and collaboration seen in CLEIMUN ‘19 will certainly be furthered.

Recent Updates

CLEIMUN is supported by the John P. Murphy Foundation and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

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