Press Team Spotlight

This year, CLEIMUN welcomes a new press team consisting of students from Saint Joseph Academy, Saint Edward High School, and Bay High School. From SJA, members of the team include Celia Boland, Grace Davis, Grace Gaspar, Grace Kelley, Grace Nieberding, Caitlin Patton, Jane Roche and Grace Thomas. From St. Eds, the press team members are Colin Donovan, Jack Dougher, Rob Flores, Miles Monnette, Finnbar Norman, Richard Perrins, Gabe Stephens, and Patrick Triesel. Finally, the press team member from Bay High is Connor Starowesky. There are various roles performed by the CLEIMUN press team, such as film production, journalism, photography, and social media. The Head of Press is Richard Perrins and the Deputy Head of Press is Jane Roche. The film crew is headed by Colin Donovan and comprised of Rob Flores, Finnbar Norman, and Patrick Triesel. The journalism group consists of Celia Boland, Grace Gaspar, Grace Kelley, Grace Nieberding, Caitlin Patton, Jane Roche, and Grace Thomas. The photographers are Jack Dougher and Connor Starowesky. Lastly, the Director of Social Media is Grace Davis. The press personnel is hard at work and excited to contribute to the conference this year!

Recent Updates

CLEIMUN is supported by the John P. Murphy Foundation and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

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