An Interview With Mr. Perrins

Mr. Perrins is the Director of International Programs at St. Edward High School as well as running the student exchange program and MUN. His beginnings with Model United Nations began when he moved to England from South Africa. At the second school that he worked at, he was asked to be involved with running the MUN conferences. He “caught the bug quickly” and continued his involvement. Mr. Parrins finds it incredibly inspiring and pleasing to see students step up and learn their trade. He loves being able to let the students run Model United Nations after their training. His belief is that the less he does the better MUN is running. CLEIMUN is different from most Model United Nations conferences. It is a hybrid of the American and European systems of running business. It allows the conference to run smoothly and get the best of both worlds. Mr. Perrins has learned a great deal from working with Model United Nations for many years. He is so glad that the international students are able to attend CLEIMUN 2019 because of the different perspectives that they bring. Their ideas add to CLEIMUN and make the conference more interesting. Although the conference runs very smoothly, there are some difficulties with hosting an international conference. The biggest problem is getting the international schools to commit to the conference, Mr. Perrins says, citing the cost and commitment that CLEIMUN requires. About Cleveland being the host city, Mr. Perrins believes that this city has more than what people think. Cleveland is a diverse place where many different perspectives are available. This venue has been fantastic and CLEIMUN has been able to make the elements of hospitality and diversity benefit the conference greatly.

Recent Updates

CLEIMUN is supported by the John P. Murphy Foundation and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

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