Farewell from Dylan Zsigray, Head of Logistics

Dear CLEIMUN18 Participants,

It is with a warm heart that I write this letter to you. CLEIMUN18 marks the last time that I will be participating in CLEIMUN. It has been the honor of my life working for the CLEIMUN organization, particularly the Press Team. Getting to be a part of the formation of a new conference from the ground-up, and watching it grow, has been an unforgettable experience. I am so happy that I have gotten to have had such formative experiences.

I recall CLEIMUN15 very vividly, the start of my journey. I was a new MUNer and was assigned Iran in the Political committee. I prepared all of my materials and, three weeks out, was reassigned to Jordan in the Security Council. So, I scrapped all of my work and started anew. At that same time, I was working on my school’s yearbook and was asked to take photos at our inaugural conference. I approached our Director, Mr. Perrins, about this and he, instead of having me take photos while I was a delegate, gave me the opportunity to become Head of Press.

This all occurred two weeks out from CLEIMUN15. All I was given was our newspaper’s title, The Plain Delegate, and a brief vision. I took this to heart, and in two weeks, planned out what I hoped to achieve during CLEIMUN15. I formed a Twitter account and designed our newspaper in Microsoft Publisher. I also brought on my younger brother, Jackson, to work on my team. We had a Press Team duo for CLEIMUN15, and we certainly made waves across the “Muniverse!”

Ahead of CLEIMUN17, we made some changes. We introduced our website (press.clemiun.org), which I built from the ground up. We modernized our paper, and began using Instagram in conjunction with Twitter. For CLEIMUN17, we also began producing “CLEIMUN: The Movie”, a joint effort led by Jack Brancatelli and Amir Issa. I also had the honor of working with Hannah Carruthers and Grace Semon, two students from Saint Joseph Academy. Hannah and Gracie completely changed the scope of our Press Team. Their passion was contagious, and we became a literal Press Team family.

And that brings us to CLEIMUN18. I was promoted from Head of Press to Head of Logistics, taking under my oversight the majority of logistics for CLEIMUN. We also brought on new folks to our team: Mary Chura, McKenzy Connelly, and Alyza Titschinger, all from Saint Joseph. Although our team grew to eight students, we continued to be a close-knit filial unit. We were all passionate and worked to grow our team, and product, pushing for it to be viewed worldwide.

Leading the CLEIMUN Press Team has been an amazing experience these past three conferences. Seeing our team and product grow from merely a name to a product hailed as one of the best worldwide has been a truly humbling experience. Every single person I worked with, beginning with my little brother to Hannah, Gracie, McKenzy, Mary, Alyza, Jack, and Amir, have changed my life. I love my team, and feel so fortunate that I got to work with them. I will remember CLEIMUN as a time of growth, and as a learning experience. I am grateful for these past three years, and I am excited to see what the CLEIMUN Press Team becomes in the future.

Signing Off, for the Last Time,

Dylan Zsigray

Head of Logistics, CLEIMUN18

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