The Schools Attending CLEIMUN18

Saint Joseph Academy

Saint Joseph Academy is an all-girls Catholic high school located on the West Side of Cleveland. They’ve attended CLEIMUN since its beginnings in 2015. Founded in 1890, by the Congregation of Saint Joseph, they are the only all girls school in Cleveland.

Saint Edward High School

Saint Edward High School is an all-boys Catholic high school located in Lakewood, Ohio. Known for creating an environment that is inclusive for all, Saint Edward High School prides itself on having top academic achievements and being a part of the International Baccalaureate program. Founded in 1949, Saint Edward has been a big part of CLEIMUN history, as a proud sponsor of and has helped to create and support it along with the Cleveland Council of World Affairs. It was founded in 1949 by the Brothers of Holy Cross, and is one of three remaining all-male Catholic high schools in the Greater Cleveland area.

Westlake High School

Westlake High School is a public, co-ed institution located in Westlake, Ohio. Known for the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and and their academic excellence, Westlake High School is placed in the top 4% of districts statewide.

Lakewood Catholic Academy

Lakewood Catholic Academy is a private, co-ed Catholic grade school located in Lakewood, Ohio. LCA participated with CLEIMUN last year and this is their second appearance. Students are working as runners, members of security, or even as delegates to gain experience in the world of model UN.

Mentor High School

Mentor High School is a public, co-ed high school located in Mentor, Ohio. Mentor is known for being a college-preparatory school, having a majority of their enrolled students go on to 4 year institutions across the country.

Bay High School

Home of the “Bay Rockets,” Bay High School is a public, co-ed school located in Bay Village, Ohio. Bay High has been featured in Newsweek’s “Best High Schools in America” list since 2006 and in 2010 it was named a Blue Ribbon School by the Ohio Department of Education.

Lakeside High School

Lakeside High School is a public, co-ed high school located in Ashtabula, Ohio, known for its famous mascot “The dragon,” Lakeside is also known for its athletic department, having any sport ranging from bowling to varsity football.

Lake High School

Lake High School is a co-ed, public high school located in Uniontown, Ohio. Lake’s sports team is nicknamed the Blue Streaks and are members of the Federal League.

Bard High School Early College

Bard High School Early College is a co-ed, public school located in Cleveland, Ohio. Bard gives its students the opportunity to take a two-year, tuition-free college course following 9th and 10th grade.

Hawken High School

Hawken High School is a co-ed, independent high school in Gates Mills, Ohio known for their Advanced Placement courses and their opportunities to study a wide array of subjects such as American Foreign Policy and Multivariable Calculus. Students at Hawken are given a variety of opportunities to study what interests them before heading off to a four-year university.

Saint George’s College, Santiago (Chile)

Saint George’s College is located in Santiago, Chile, in a close proximity to the Andes Mountains. Founded in 1936, they are part of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. This year will be their second appearance at CLEIMUN, with a group of delegates hosted by Saint Edward students.

Saint Peter’s College, Auckland (New Zealand)

Saint Peter’s College is located in Auckland’s suburb of Grafton. A first time participant in CLEIMUN, Saint Peter’s has brought delegates to be hosted by Saint Edward students for a month while participating in the conference and daily American life.

Chardon High School

Chardon High School is a public, co-ed high school located in Chardon, Ohio. Chardon High School has achieved several sports championship titles in the past few years, specifically in track & field and wrestling.

Solon High School

Solon High School is a public, co-ed high school in Solon, Ohio who earned the state of Ohio’s #1 school report card for student achievement two years in a row. Solon has been hailed as one of the top schools in not only the state of Ohio, but throughout the nation as well.

Walled Lake

Walled Lake High school is a public high school from Walled Lake, Michigan. Walled Lake takes part in the International Baccalaureate Program, which is an internationally recognized college prep program, which includes a more globalized approach to learning.

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